Our Values

Spirit Led
The Holy Spirit is absolutely essential to all that we do. Whether we are in a worship gathering or just living our lives He is our Helper and desires us to come to Him to live powerfully for the Kingdom.

Everything we do as a church we want to be hands on and simple. Not easy but simple enough that any follower of Jesus can reproduce what Jesus has commanded His church. Training includes knowledge, following others, and simply just obeying God’s truth.

On Mission
Jesus gave us a mission and purpose to fulfill in this world. Big Sky Church is intentional in helping other disciples of Jesus see that they are a part of a royal priesthood. There is no special class of disciple just those who are obedient to what Jesus has commanded us to do everyday, everywhere, and to everyone.

Real Relationships
God created us for relationship. Not surface level, “hey, how are you?” relationships but real, authentic, take off the mask kind of relationships. God not only wants us to come to Him to be transformed by Him but to live amongst one another loving, caring, and modeling true community as we seek Jesus together.