Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How Are Finances Handled?

Church offerings are given in the giving box or online. Checks are processed by an outside bookkeeper so no one in the church knows who gives. The church budget is annually presented by the staff, reviewed and approved by the church members and handled by the church treasurer. All books are open for review. If you would like to see a report, please let our treasurer know.

Q: Who Makes The Decisions?

Leadership is responsible for the vision and day to day operation of their ministries. Leadership meets monthly with the advisory team for input and accountability. The members of the church vote on budget, overall church goals, finances and vision, at the annual members meeting and special meetings as needed throughout the year.

Q: What Does ‘Come As You Are’ Mean?

Big Sky Church is for anyone. Everyone should feel welcome at all times regardless of their background, lifestyle or dress. As one pastor put it “No perfect people allowed.”

Q: Why A Free Meal?

Big Sky church has a free meal every week before worship service at 6 PM. We understand that this connects people, blesses wives and tells newcomers we are here to serve, not take.